What is Xlerate?

Well to put it simply, we are a not for profit free to use online magazine and media outlet. Which is operated by a group of like-minded Motorsport enthusiasts who all share our passion and interest in Motorsport. The team all give up their own time and contribute to Xlerate out of their love and interest in Motorsport.

What is the nature of the subjects & contents?

In brief, our core areas of interest are anything along the lines of Motorsport and Motoring really, plus the odd extra subject thrown into the mix on anything that may grab our attention or sparks an interest.

Where did Xlerate come from?

Xlerate was born in 2003 from the joining of two other separate independent websites that were run by Andy & Brian the founders and owners of Xlerate. In the first few years, a small group of like-minded friends, who all had the same interest and enjoyed going out week in week out to various events around UK, all helped in contributing to the website in some way. But in 2006 Xlerate started to shift its focus towards Motorsport.

Why the name Xlerate?

At the time of its creation, Xlerate was in the phase of the modified car scene, Xlerate was chosen for a name because we wanted to be a little bit different from all the other online car clubs, modified or performance car related websites. In effect we didn’t want to limit ourselves by the name, we wanted to be future proof with room to grow and evolve.

Our Mission Statement

To provide Creative Story Telling and Insights into the World of Motorsport in the forms of News, Views, Reviews, Reactions, and Analyses which Engages with fans and Stimulates Discussion.